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A Stunning Website
Designed From Scratch

Stand out from the crowd – get a polished, custom WordPress website that’s 100% unique to your brand.

Starts at just $368

Beautiful, 100% Original Designs

Move beyond a stock template. Get a one-of-a-kind, mobile-friendly website that makes your brand truly shine.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Your Very Own Project Manager

Get one point person for anything you need on your site. Every development request is overseen by a dedicated project manager to ensure your requests are done on time and to your specifications.

A Simple, Effortless Process

Request any tweak, change, or update to your side – we take it from there. Most projects are done within 72 hours.

1. You submit your request to our team for an estimate.

2. If you give the green light, we get to work implementing the requested changes on a staged version of your site.

3. Once you review and approve the changes, we then apply the new code to your live site.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

High-Quality Code

Instantly gain access to our comprehensive team of professional developers and designers. With a wide range of skills, we ensure your projects are tackled by the right specialists to always ensure high-quality implementation.

Chat with a Web Designer

Have questions about how we can help? Get in touch and we’ll help point you in the right direction.

A Complete Tune-Up For Ultimate Performance

Lots of different variables affect a website’s performance, so we perform a comprehensive
analysis of your site to maximize your potential performance.


When possible, we update your website software to make sure your site takes advantage of the latest security and performance features.


We ensure an appropriate caching plugin is installed and configured to best match the requirements of your website and hosting server.


If supported on your plan, we ensure your CDN is active and properly configured to maximize page speed across the world.


If provided with your hosting plan and if running WordPress, we enable and configure any relevant Jetpack features.


We review all plugins to identify inactive or unused plugins that can be removed, and ensure active plugins are up-to-date.


We ensure images are properly compressed and optimized for the web and all devices, and we install a plugin to ensure future images are optimized.


We analyze your database for healthy values and improve any areas which are identified as potential sources of inefficiency.


Where possible we implement minification to improve your website code for efficiency and file size improvements.


If a theme is present and can be updated, we do so to take advantage of any potential performance or reliability improvements.


We ensure video files are being hosted by a proper media delivery service and depending on your content, consider Video CDN options too.

Lazy Loading

We implement lazy loading features on critical pages to always deliver the most important content to visitors first.

Expert Web Developers to Tackle Any Request

Get in touch and we’ll make your site a lean, mean, super-speed machine.
Just $368 for most websites 

Now you never have to get stuck. It’s never been easier to make progress on your website and free up time to focus on your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do retainer hours "roll over" from one month to the next?

Yes! We automatically allow unused development hours to roll over to the subsequent month. So if you don't take advantage of your hours in one month, you can still use them the next month. However, we do cap your ability to accrue hours at twice the amount of your plan. So if you have a 4 hour retainer, the most you can accrue for use over time is 8 hours – any unused hours beyond that would be lost

Do I have a chance to review the work before it's applied to my live site?

Yes! We don't do any work on a live, production website. Whenever possible, we create a staged 'copy' of your site and apply all your requested changes on it first for you to review. Only once you approve the changes do we roll out the code updates to your live website.

What if I'm not a Swift Web Design customer?

Don't worry, we can still help! We'll obviously need to collect credentials to your existing web host and your website software, but once we have those we should be able to execute your requests. Feel free to contact us with what you need done and we'll happily investigate your situation to confirm this with you.

How long do design tasks take?

Most tasks requested can be performed comfortably within 72 hours. That said, larger, more complex projects can take longer. Should your request require extra time, we'll let you know and provide a timeline that you can approve. For rush requests, we can sometimes get things through faster – just let us know and we'll work with you to confirm whether it's feasible to meet your deadline!

What kind of web software can you work on?

We specialize in WordPress-based websites, but we can usually help execute requests on most web platforms. Reach out with what you need to be done and we'll investigate to let you know if it is feasible or not.