Enterprise Asset Management Consulting Services 

Enterprise asset management (EAM) consulting serves to digitalize asset management for maximized ROA. In software development since 2010, Swift Web Design develops, implements, and supports EAM solutions for tech-driven asset planning and optimization.

Enterprise Asset Management Investments

The cost and duration of the EAM solutions ScienceSoft implements and supports depends on multiple factors, including:

  • Types of assets, their number and growth rate.
  • The number and diversity of the functional modules of EAM software. If case-specific functionality is required (e.g., asset condition monitoring, ML-based asset maintenance cost forecasting, real-time object recognition).
  • Number and complexity of systems to integrate with (custom and off-the-shelf software, and hardware (barcodes, tags, chips, etc.).
  • The complexity of the required asset analytics reports and dashboards.
  • Solution availability, performance, security, latent capacity and scalability requirements.
  • Number of platforms supported (web, mobile, desktop).

Swift Web Design recommends: to reduce enterprise asset management implementation costs, consider:

  • Iterative enterprise asset management software development and implementation.
  • Integrating the solution with the existing systems to cover some EAM functionality (ERP for work order management, accounting software for budgeting, etc.).
  • Simplifying UX and UI elements.

Go-to Functionality Modules and Integrations for EAM Solutions

Key Integrations for Enterprise Asset Management Software

Swift Web Design recommends: to reduce time-to-insight, start with developing an MVP with the minimal optimal feature set to address the most acute problems and then, if viable, extend the functionality with more advanced capabilities.

More on enterprise asset management solution functionality, integrations, success factors and ROI in our enterprise asset management software guide.

Why Consider Swift Web Design as Your EAM Consultant

Note: to help you reduce EAM project risks, we offer to start our cooperation with:

  • Free advisory demo session – for you to check our expertise level.
  • Feasibility study – to make sure you win from EAM solution implementation.
  • Enterprise asset management PoC.

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