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With practical experience in 30+ domains, Swift Web Design provides big data development, consulting, support and maintenance services. We guarantee a safe project start with a feasibility study and a PoC as well as optimal development costs thanks to our mature processes.

Big data services are aimed at helping companies handle massive-scale data for smooth software operation and reliable analytics insights. With 5 years of experience in big data, Swift Web Design provides full-scope big data services. We also apply our experience in AI/ML, data science, business intelligence, and data visualization to maximize the value of our customers' big data initiatives.

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About Swift Web Design 

During 7 years in data analytics and data science, we have been satisfying companies’ diverse analytical needs (including the need for advanced analytics), which makes us fully understand the transformation you’re undergoing.

  • We hold¬†experience in Microsoft,¬†Amazon,¬†Oracle, and other tech leaders¬†to keep pace with the technological advancements and the evolution of the data analytics landscape.
  • An¬†expert team¬†of architects, developers, DataOps engineers, ISTQB-certified QA engineers, data scientists, project managers, and business analysts¬†with 5¬≠‚Äď10 years of experience.¬†
  • A quality-first approach¬†based on a mature¬†ISO 9001-certified¬†quality management system.
  • ISO 27001-certified¬†security management¬†based on comprehensive policies and processes, advanced security technology, and skilled professionals.
  • Transparent¬†and flexible¬†pricing.
  • We collaborate with companies from 30+ domains.¬†

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Swift Web Design combines big data expertise with decades-long experience in other advanced technologies to deliver end-to-end big data applications that bring maximum value to their users.

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