Always Customer-Focused. Even before the Project Starts

Swift Web Design has a well-oiled process of customer onboarding. Learn how to start working with us and what we do to ensure fast response, effective communication and legal guarantees to our customers.

How to Start a Project in IT

Such a Small Step, a Project Start May Still Be Dissatisfying


Bad practices

Swift Web Design's approach
Feel the difference with Swift Web Design

Problem #1: A slow project kickoff

Extra hours and days wasted to get the first response, arrange a call or get a proposal put off the project start.

At Swift Web Design, we have established and rigorously follow a protocol of communication with prospects that defines requirements for the first response time. Also, we have a rule-based algorithm for distributing requests among salespeople, which allows us to schedule the first call without delay.

Problem #2: A gap in expectations

IT vendors may adopt a tell-us-what-to-do approach. They may expect their clients to come with a clear understanding of what software or what IT improvements they need.


At Swift Web Design, we understand that business people think in terms of profit, costs, productivity, efficiency, and other business success indicators. And it's our responsibility to know the capabilities and limitations of digital technologies. Even before the project starts, we dive into our clients' pains or goals and offer solutions to address them best.

Swift Web Design's Simple and Fast Workflow for Customer Onboarding

1. Send us a request

2. Schedule an introductory call

3. Sign an NDA

4. Get a proposal

5. Sign a service contract and kick off