Never Worry About Your Site Again

Let us handle the backend – we’ll manage and monitor your website so it’s safe, secure, and always up-and-running.

Starts at just $59/mo

Website Management Made Easy

our business depends on your website. Never risk your reputation or revenue — get the professionals to manage and monitor your web presence.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Software & Security Maintenance

Keeping a site stable, fast, and secure can be a tedious task that’s all-to-easy to neglect. We update your software regularly and review your code every month so you never miss critical maintenance nor leave your site vulnerable to errors or hackers.

  • Software & Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Security Review
  • Monthly Offsite Cloud Backups (with SwiftCare PRO)

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Make sure you’re always the first to know if your site has a problem. We monitor your website around the clock – if there are issues, we notify you immediately.

  • Continuous Malware Scanning
  • Uptime Monitoring
Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Monthly Website Report

Get a regular report of your site’s performance sent straight to your inbox. We’ll keep you apprised of any work performed, the status of your server and software, and we even include key user behaviour metrics like monthly traffic.

Proactive Site Repair

$200 Value – Included with SwiftCare PRO

If your site gets hacked, we don’t just let you know, but we actually jump in and fix it for you! Rest easy knowing your website is always up and running, even when you’re not paying attention. It’s never been easier to protect your business and your online credibility.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Chat with a Website Expert

Have questions about SwiftCare or about how to best manage your site? Get in touch!

Learn About Site Management

A critical piece of any successful website is proper maintenance of the website software and server. Learn about the critical tasks you should be performing on a regular basis, why they're so important, and how to make sure you always check the right boxes!

Want us to handle the backend?

We’ll make it so you never have to worry about managing your website software or server again.

Your business depends on your website. Never risk your reputation or revenue — get the professionals to manage and monitor your web presence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my site gets hacked?

If any malicious code is detected on your website, we send you a notification right away so you are aware. If you have the PRO plan, we'll also dive right into your files to immediately investigate what is going on. Then we will either remove the bad code or restore your website to a prior version from before the incursion occurred. In the case of more complicated sites or those with e-commerce data, etc... we'll reach out to coordinate the best way to get things back and restored to normal.

What happens if my site goes down?

We instantly send you a notice so you can get to work getting things back up fast. With SwiftCarePRO we'll investigate the downtime ourselves. If the problem was caused by a hack or server-side error, we'll get things back up. (Keep in mind, if you or a developer break something on the website, we can't fix those kinds of problems. However, our technical support team will work with you to identify the issue and solutions to bring it back online.

What if an update breaks something on my website?

Updating website software (e.g., WordPress, Joomla) can affect functionality when 3rd-party plugins or integrations are not cross-compatible. We always check website functionality after every update to ensure there are no problems, and if we find an error we roll-back to the prior version of your site until we can work with you on what you'd like to do.

What if my site is somewhat large and complicated?

We'll help manage any website of any size! For more complex projects that may involve an extra effort to maintain, we'll let you know and provide a free quote. Often with bigger websites, customers pair a SwiftCare plan with an ongoing development retainer to facilitate regular code and content projects.