Custom ERP Software Development Services

In enterprise software development since 2010, Swift Web Design offers end-to-end ERP development and support to help companies boost the efficiency of their unique business workflows, minimize operational risks, and optimize costs.

Custom ERP is designed to provide tailor-made functionality to address an enterprise’s unique operational and strategic needs. Swift Web Design's custom ERP software development aims to build a scalable business-tailored system that integrates all business management functions and facilitates data-driven decision-making.

ERP Development Steps 

  1. Discovery. Business needs analysis and ERP requirements engineering.
  2. Technical design. Designing the optimal feature set, secure and scalable architecture, role-specific UX and UI of ERP software. Tech stack selection for ERP implementation.
  3. ERP project planning. Determining a clear project scope, case-specific success measures, team composition, timelines, budget, etc.
  4. ERP development. Building a new solution from scratch, modernization of the existing ERP system, or market-available ERP customization.
  5. Quality assurance. Running rigorous testing in parallel with coding.
  6. Integration. Establishing integrations between the ERP modules and ERP integration with the required systems.
  7. Data migration. Enterprise data migration from spreadsheets or a previously used resource planning system to ERP.
  8. Deployment. ERP infrastructure configuration and solution deployment in the production environment.
  9. User training. Drawing end-user manuals and maintenance guides for the IT team. Conducting user training in a preferred format (in-person or remote).
  10. (optional) After-launch ERP services. Continuous support and evolution of ERP software.

Swift Web Design's ERP Development Service Scope

Our custom ERP development services are closely bound to our client's needs and can be related to:

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Functional ERP Modules Swift Web Design Develops

Depending on your business needs and budget, we can cover the development of the following ERP modules to automate and raise the efficiency of your workflows:

Alongside with business-tailored ERP functionality, our custom ERP development company implements:

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