Manufacturing Data Analytics

Swift Web Design applies 5 years of experience in data analytics and manufacturing IT to help businesses build scalable analytics solutions that drive process improvements, optimize equipment utilization, and increase profitability.

Manufacturing Analytics: The Essence

Manufacturing analyticis needed to consolidate and analyze data from all manufacturing IT systems: equipment management, production scheduling, manufacturing execution, etc. Such solutions turn disparate data into comprehensive insights to identify production bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization, increase OEE, and drive significant cost savings.

With AI/ML-powered predictive capabilities, manufacturing data analytics software can also enable preventive asset maintenance, intelligent production scheduling optimization, smart supply chain management, and more.

  • Integrations: ERP, accounting software, manufacturing CRM, MES, OEE software, asset management software, SCM software, HR management system, and more.
  • Implementation costs: $70K–$1M, depending on the number of integrated sources, the availability of advanced AI/ML capabilities and real-time analytics, and more.
  • ROI: up to 315% over 3 years with payback in <6 months.

Key Features of Manufacturing Data Analytics

At Swift Web Design, we develop custom manufacturing analytics solutions that match the unique needs of each of our customers. Below, our consultants list the features that our clients in manufacturing require most frequently.

Essential Integrations for a Manufacturing Data Analytics Solution

Swift Web Design recommends integrating manufacturing data analytics software with the following systems:

Note: We can also integrate your manufacturing data analytics software with other business-specific systems: e.g., CMMS, automated visual inspection software, warehouse management software, and more.

Factors That Drive High ROI of Analytics in Manufacturing

With 5 years of experience in data analytics and implementing manufacturing IT solutions, Swift Web Design has defined the key factors determining the success of manufacturing analytics software.

Cost and Benefit of Manufacturing Data Analytics Software

The cost of manufacturing analytics may vary from $10,000 up to $1,000,000*, depending on the solution complexity, the diversity of integrations, data types, the scope of advanced capabilities, and more.

*Software license fees are not included.

Implementation of data analytics in manufacturing brings:

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