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Get professional water well and borehole drilling contractor Website design solutions at competitive rates.

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Effective Web Development Solutions

Malicious Code Extraction

We perform a comprehensive security scan of your website files to identify any malicious code and remove it for you. When appropriate, we restore files from your backups to bring back anything that was lost.

Software & Security Updated

We review your website software to identify potential gaps in security. If possible, we update your software to take advantage of the latest security improvements.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

30-Day Guarantee

Should your site be hacked again within 30 days we will happily dive back in and fix any problems for free.

Chat with a Website Expert

We'll answer your questions and share advice on best next steps for getting your website back on its feet.

Get Your Site Back to Normal

Getting hacked instantly hurts your reputation and exposes sensitive data, putting your business at risk. We’ll restore your site fast to help limit the downside.


When possible, we update your website software to make sure your site takes advantage of the latest security and performance features.


We ensure an appropriate caching plugin is installed and configured to best match the requirements of your website and hosting server.


We review all plugins to identify inactive or unused plugins that can be removed, and ensure active plugins are up-to-date.


We ensure images are properly compressed and optimized for the web and all devices, and we install a plugin to ensure future images are optimized.


If a theme is present and can be updated, we do so to take advantage of any potential performance or reliability improvements.


We ensure video files are being hosted by a proper media delivery service and depending on your content, consider Video CDN options too.

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Getting hacked instantly hurts your reputation and exposes sensitive data, putting your business at risk. We’ll restore your site fast to help limit the downside.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my site back up and running?

Depends on you! We offer a range of timelines as options to help accommodate the different situations you might be facing. Not all websites issues are necessarily urgent, and some websites can experience major issues or downtime without too large an impact on your business. For mission-critical sites, we recommend the priority plan, otherwise less critical issues can be addressed on whatever timeline you feel is appropriate.

When you restore my site, will I lose any data?

Not if we can help it! We work to restore your website in a way that preserves any new data that might have been collected since being hacked (e.g., new e-commerce orders). This however does depend on the nature of the attack. We'll work with you to let you know what we're able to do and only proceed with your approval of the proposed plan.

Why should I trust you and your service?

We have been doing WordPress malware removal and tech support services since 2010 and I have already fixed thousands of WordPress sites from hundreds of clients with Swift. Feel free to check our reviews from new and repeat customers and hear what they say about my service.

Do you offer a guarantee? My site got re-infected, can you fix it again?

Yes. We can fix it again for you. We offer  30 Days guarantee. If your WordPress site is re-infected within that time frame we will fix it for you for free.

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